WHEN WORDS FAIL / Poems by Dr Jernail S. Anand


jernail S Anand

Poems by Dr Jernail  S.  Anand





Extend beyond yourself
for there is so much more
that remains unsaid.
This heart alone knows
what it means to be with you!

For you are much more
than what the mirror declares!

You start from there
and then like light spread
across vistas which include me
and all that lies in-between.
Mind is thronged with images
of joy peace and ecstasy
which sooth the boiling sensations
running across the blood
Your Presence is felt
in every object You touched
and in every place,
Eyes when open see
and when closed find
emerge from here and there
and fill my being with joy.

Had I known your features
and your borders,
this craving would have been

But you are a desire
a faceless passion
a craze of my being
everywhere and yet
beyond every where.

You are limitless.
beyond all borders.
Defy all expressions.

Just a flow!
A gurgling ocean.
A wind weaving magic
and a night decked in star dust!


(Dr J S Anand – All rights reserved


Dr J.S. Anand is internationally acclaimed scholar, poet, educationist, environmentalist, philosopher and spiritualist. Dr Anand has authored around 35 books of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and spirituality. He has also compiled two international anthologies of English poetry as Chief Editor of Creative Impulse: International Journal of English Poetry and Research. Founder Chairperson of World Foundation for Peace, Chief Editor of Creative Impulse: International Journal of English Poetry and Research, President, International Citizens Council, Chairperson, World Organization of Soul Sisters, President, Writers International Foundation, President, Sufi Arts Foundation

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