Poems by Irma Morcos



Irma Morcos


Irma Morcos born in August 16, 1958 in Jordan. She Studied Business Management in Canada. She worked at the Humanitarian Operations Center, Volunteered as an occupational therapist at the Kuwait Institute for Handicapped. Now she Work since December 2010 at the United Nations. She wrote many poems and publish them. She love playing  the piano, drawing and love animals . Her dream is that One day she will work with an organization to help the homeless. Irma Morcos  live in Kuwait.



Poems by Irma Morcos



My Other Part


I think of you ..I think again

Flowers hanging in the air,

Where daffodils grow

On snails and shells

Creeps the dawn, where sunshine dwells

I try so hard to wipe away

Anxieties and fears along the way

How come doors open when

They’re about to close, A feather lost,

Where crystal flows




With a Little Help


I cupped your face between my hands

my fingers gently through your face

I wanted to keep your expression

but your eyes-wide open ..Comatose

I remember you never saw the truth in them

I’ll make them narrower,

the warm eyes you had before..

I touch your cheeks, then i remember mine,

always wet with a broken heart

pressing them a little to create a smiling

face, that’s how I’d like them to be..


your lips, with all the abuse ,

the hurt you’ve caused , no..

I think I’ll leave your lips

can’t make more changes

I’ll even change my project

I’ve always loved cats

after all. .you’re just A PIECE OF CLAY.

I think of you – this time I fear

The clouds at my door will speed

their way , To teach me how

Life’s sad necessities

Will Shatter the dreams, of my broken glass

Now I’m hurt ,though I’ve been blessed

with starting again When things go wrong

and you’re gone away.



A Princess


Not long ago, there was a princess

But later she found out that she was made of biscuits…

Once a piece of dough in the hands of a man who decided to make her …..a princess.




He put her on display ..behind the tinted glass window..

From where she watched him every day.




Her chocolate colored eyes

would follow him inside his shop …

making and selling his assorted biscuits,,but she

would say to herself …i’m  a princess..




one day he sold her ..

she cried when two little hands picked her up…

someone bought her for his little girl,

she knew she will be a princess no more.



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