On my first few hours with Don Genaro / José Revello (excerpts from: “my afternoon with Don Genaro”)

On my first few hours with Don Genaro



José Revello

José Revello
(excerpts from: “my afternoon with Don Genaro”)

“… And I went to answer.
– the political issues as dogmas if that’s what you mean Don Genaro little were in the service of human need. Yes of ambitions. But never the human fund (integrated as a species) a simple act of solidarity and selfless is a fact worthy of stand out in a flat where there is very little that I should be and almost nothing is as shown.
The old man smiled a little surprised by my loquaciousness and commented.
– it doesn’t look like a friend of the policy, apparently.
– true enough-Narrow-I hate politics. Too much damage did anchored in dark conservatism and closed interests, has led to this world to sad vision of opulence and ignorance, something that genuine light with that, otherwise, he must change the world.
The grandfather nodded before this comment of mine. It was a few seconds pensive. Then he said slowly.
I have always existed and will exist people full of love. Everywhere there are men and women high and feelings of apathy. But it’s true the races are not yet purified. It costs us get rid of the animal part and continue to struggle in obeying to the instinctive “Cult of death” not only physical but of the worst, the mental illness. Of course every one claims-or justifies his truth about those who simply wish to think differently. This has taken-for orders organized-that life drops into the ballast material trying to nothing moves or develop unless by directives of political and religious corporations. But the true wisdom cannot be discovered through streams so flawed and deformed, away from the spiritual evolution. Certainly not my values and principles have been allowed to be in agreement with these divisions. This may sound to misunderstanding. It’s not like that. I’m worried and I have studied the origins of the things around me. And I’ve always understood that so paramount: life is not only to live it but interpret it, unravel duties and qualities that we need to move here, because we come to the gift of life through the purity of the birth. And forced to leave through the second step: the natural reality of death. Although feared and not understood, it is the only certainty how don’t take care of finding suitable spaces? By the way-continuing the remarkable old man-God can’t be found by those paths full of selfishness. Nothing could be further from the truth of it. This away, confused, and even degenerate deflects the feelings of the soul. Although each one has the free will to choose what to do and how to act. But that truth grow on me a few years ago. I’ve come to understand and feel it deeply. When that little “Spark” light comes on is a balance, a maturation of the things. Nothing can be counterposed to the simplicity of what one is based on the realization austere; little need of the outside world when you get to the heart. It’s nice that we get when we come to this. Few sets out these “dialogues” Intimate and so necessary. Is to take the decision to do so. It is to know that you can look it up. Because inside you’re docile waiting. And outside, in the mobile world of matter, everything is ready and prepared for that situations, incidents and people find and guide…”


José Revello
(excerpts from: “my afternoon with Don Genaro”)
Copyright reserved
Buenos Aires

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