Poems by Despina Kontaxi B

 Despina kontaxi

Poems by Despina Kontaxi B





Between the dust of memories

in the Arabic countries far and away

unfolds the unexpected.

Clear sky the thoughts,

magic moments the actions.

Those not said by the lips

are given away by the glance.


Far away from homeland

rekindles hope.

The borders extinguish

the barriers of language cease.

The faces give

that which cannot be thought

by the human mind…





Mirrors the moments on hands

that hold them.

At times they look downwards

trying to hide

at times they look upwards

revealing points.

Points that want to touch

one another and to

leave the mirror on the wall.





Granted the freedoms

that they gave me from the start.

Inalienable right that with this

they endowed me.

But the query commotion that

upsets everything in its passage.

Sea the adventure

with unexpected storms.

Rights that are drowned

in depths unusual.

I emerge as the phoenix

from the bottomless of my soul.

Anchor my right

to express freely.

I hook on it and continue.

The pens and the thoughts

were never silenced by anyone.

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