Inteview by Mimoza Ahmeti vs Irina Hysi ( Albania )


Inteview by Mimoza Ahmeti vs Irina Hysi ( Albania )



irina hysi

Irina Hysi



How can you do a Paraphrase in poetry?


Poetry is feeling, thought and sense detached from reality!

Breeze in last floor of the sea. ”

The Procedure for paraphrasing the poem is not only expressive linguistic , is distinguishable,absorption form of comprehensive monitoring of philosophic , aesthetic. It is also important  how you hear, metaphorical conceptual, relativism, creative of floating.


Do you think the understanding of poetry is its purpose? Why some readers immediately understand and some of them do not?


The control center of poetry is self confidence , the poet controls the reflexes on the structure of poetry. Understanding takes place in  definitive form through reality and the absurd! The poet believes in the existence of poetry, gives breath with emotion,  and gives birth with all the power of the spirit. The poet’s word is magical, indisputable, must cross endless space and needs to  hear the sound of his Lord first, then the word gets ingrained “or sings in the lap of his Lord.

It is not expected to understand all poem,reading the free expression has its level in unity space flowing from a magical portal and leading key or not, in the ambiguity of the image that both affirm or denies.


What subjects in poetry do you think are missing today? Have you brought a contribution to your creation?


Subjects of mine should be reviver, currency string that weighs up to creative artistic elements, techniques of which pass through the grate imaginative expressive form. Key words are terms that serve the concept of poetry, in each place  internal situation.

Cyclone example poetry etc …

Today there are more poets than readers’!


How is the process of writing and editing  to you? Does it take long time to finish ?


Blue pen and ink with the same color often jump in tridimensional painting, how time it comes suddenly like an earthquake that will be its undisputed foreheads weight of poetry.

editing ***

Poetry is like moving paintings on canvas of a line completely change the pace, a poet must be self editor.

Besides the art of writing that makes the poet himself, is technical editor of the importance of his field.


What have all your beautiful poems in common? If anything?


Imagination is the power to unlock the code of the soul!

Leave feeling that decides what a  poetry verse is,


Which poets do you think are the ones that formed you and are special to you?


It is enough for the Poem to be good, it doesn’t matter the poet!


 How do you try to make your poems more special, and who did not give other format?


Poetry is the current outbreak, spiritual ecstasy trip, reflexive approach.

I express revolt, feeling, inspiration, if there is a  color miniature. In the big picture must think up, where you enter, you must find to challenge the limits of the imagination!

Novel must work for months…(?)


Tell me the  moment when the explosion happens in the poem?

Can you describe the moment of creation?


The  moment of the explosion is penetrating through the eye of the soul in soul send out about through the brain. The moment of creation comes from the cause, time is like the earth rotating on this phenomenon seems that note, emotional feelings poured through demonstration  Liberty  imagination to color and form through the goal.


“Dajti Mountain, laying  Infront my window.

Almost down …

Tirana with hips back, ministries …

All that mountain!


Still he remained faithful, a habit.

The valley above face planted land …

How can behave so, a mountain …?!  ”


 Who is the speaker in the poem? What kind of person is the speaker? Is it  clear in his exposition?


Speaker is themselves, role plays, unidentifiable character depends that makes poetry, lyric poetry is clear and, abstract research is hidden behind the character, behind the curtain and only the reader understands elite.


 Do you think that The poet uses the form to the best than others, so the form of expression, communication?


He Uses in short, poetry is sketching like  divine, speaks in some way and as thoroughly as paintings is unlike poetry, the. Best poet  is good reader of a painting, and a painter is a poet who follows the codes tridimensional  symbol fabulously.


“Modern psychology!

Somewhere reborn, another psychosis.

The difference between the edges, -failure – success ?! ”


Can you identify the topic or topics in your poetry?


Poetry is freed from traditional verse, no shading around the world to identify derivative connections with operating trend through the eye and speaking on poetry structure has the spirit of a modern poetic structuring, with shades symbolic figuration.


  What imaging you give your poems?Can you give us any fragment to illustrate this?


The sound needs to  enter in the psyche of people with sensory perception through the psyche, makes diving understanding, as an illustration, the image is different there are a wide range of s’ is limited, there is a  scenario   in the development of modern, logic elements poetic has sensual impact, poetry by own image, symmetry and asymmetry, uniqueness and originality.


 How important Is sound, rhythm, rhymes and the music in your poems?


Sound must pass filters of magic in terms, of expression, forms and articulation linguistic colorful through, the entire structure of the essence of the meaning which deleted the form of dreams following the awakening of pace to step , if three levels of time and before her. Real abstraction of the code matches the lagging phenomenon enigmatic imagination, purpose, as enigmatic pilot focused on asset of a mental performance semantic origin, language and style of the poet’s special own !

The music is selected to grab beyond infinity !

Rhymes : blasting rhythm of thought because it creates poetry.


“I’d find the sounds!

Lovers. Successes and defeats.

Laughing and crying.

Tears exhausted, great spirits.

Do you hear the sound of my own.

As the ship,as  the sea without end, find another up! … “.


Does your poetry have  a related element of paradox?


The concept of antiquity into the decor invisible poet makes a visionary carrier. The logic does not follow the course of perception, rejects the conventional wisdom, but that has its own logical reason, combining mechanical transmission, walked one expectation unlimited  meets something  totally unexpected … there are compositions with two opposites, communication shared by the law of reason, area communicated divided, the world communicates. The phenomenology   of poetry itself is basically formatted.


 Which are some of the most beloved titles of your poems and your published books and those which are in process of publication?


-After the book “Rebus”, a publishing house in America has already published my book “Cyclone”.

-Poems And Malreali following title, and maybe ten more …

Poetry titles: – Free!

La After … etc ….



Mimoza ahmeti 1

Mimoza Ahmeti





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