DROWNED SHIP / Poem by Saraswati Poswal


Poem by Saraswati Poswal






This is the ship now

Drowned in the sea

When got wrecked

Number of pessengers

Travelled in it..

Some might have rocked..

On the deck of this ship

Many might have joked.

Many commitments, love stories could have rupt.

This is this the ship

Where children played, Women laughed and men constructed plans on this ship

This is the ship..

Which had an identity..

Which now had lost..

This is the ship which

Is drowned

Which has many memories..

Vibrates in water..

Now look at this ship.

Only flying eagles and Hawk sit on it and relax..

This is the ship

Which is drowned in sea..

Identity is lost..


@Saraswati Poswal





Saraswati Poswal


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