TO MY CREATURES – 3 / Poem by George Onsy


Poem by George Onsy






O my sweet creatures!
You’ve come into being
By my lusting brush
As it’s been caressing
The very skin of
A passionately stretching
Painting board

I can see you
Trying to touch
Those legendary heroes
Carved on
The Temple of Athena’s
Frieze metopes
There, there
In my beloved
Immortal Greece

I can see you
Trying to move
My sacred Eternal India’s
Wheel of Existence
Round and round
Bringing to being
Yourselves and others
That are yet to exist.





George Onsy – Egypt
© August 2016
With my latest painting: ETERNORAMA 2
(© Aug 2016 – 50 X 70 cm – Watercolors on cardboard)



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