Poems by Lily Swarn


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Poems by Lily Swarn





Quiescent moonlight crouching beneath my ephemeral dreams

Waiting for that fragile creek in my cliff

To blabber out my secret yearnings

to an inquisitive chimera of a Moon


Wandering minstrels bereft of wisdom

Parading the haunted streets of dejection

Ferreting for the ephemeral cornucopia

In epicentres of havoc laden earthquakes


Scouting for epiphanies in heaps of cow dung

Caricatures of combustible catacombs

Serenading  sizzling sirens in

Sweat shirts with shimmer

Grim gargoyles grappling

ashen  memories in sepia tinted skirts


Copyright Lily Swarn 16.10.2016



Python Hug


It’s easy to be a shahenshah

If you let go of the serpent

That lures you into the jungle

With his hypnotic eyes and

Gleaming skin

He slithers into your being

With avarice uncoiling

Dreams and fantasies

Dancing the primal dance

To the sound of

tribal beats of drums

Seducing your senses with

swaying lissome gyrations

Worming his devastating way

Into your peace of mind

How easy it is to trust snakes

For they feign humility

With their earth hugging wiles

Spreading their venomous hoods

In one lethal strike

Crushing your hopes

Squeezing your desires in

One breath stopping python hug


Copyright Lily Swarn 20.10.2016



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