“literature is passing its moment” / Ade Caparas

Ade Caparas


“literature is passing its moment”

i, a dot, is like a balloon; times when i blow it bullishly, times when it’s plain dull… to explain why… it is because of boredom… when things start being monotonous, routinely, a plain matter of fact… i start yawning big mama _my writing my poetry my prose my literature is me, it gets bored…like a time clock, sunrise & sunset, seasons… it runs cycling routinely and it gets bored too… people wants actions thrillers, forever searching watching listening dancing sleeping, etcetera, etcetera….

the torturous ‘why waves’ in literature is passing its moment… i, as a writer and as a reader too, is more awake as to the ‘how trumpet’ than the why… like in poetry for example, the how linguistic flair, the weaving, the chaining, the looping of words, attracts more savour than the boring why academe language of socialism, political resistance, religion, etcetera, etcetera!

my world my world
is in its glaring shine
the bushy foliages
the lilac lapis lazuli
the brilliant crystalline streams
the laughing mountains
the teasing blue skies
the melting heat of the sun
the exotica moonlight
the twinkling little stars
the dancing trees
all, all are competing… feasting

gone gone passing
losing of my mind
my short of vision
my time. my space
need not be a theatrical dome
seeing faceless people
masking fake muds.

i want a hammock-swung
Alice in wonderland
the zizoing random
of a looming cloudy skies
the raining shooting stars
my red wine my fruits my trinkets
my eclectic ways!

i shut the door moments
when my quiescent soul
would burst in to some kind of cathexis..
weary, point of anxiety
restlessness, boredom
and wants to just rest!

ade caparas manilah sydney 2017

__o__ [to be continued]

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