Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat

Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat


I Am…

I am brown skin color
I was born with it and
I had no choice to change it
But accept it as I am

My name is familiar to
Certain serial killers
With my age suitable
For a death penalty

I am Arab and friends
With the Africans, the Asians
And with the Spanish
We are truly peaceful

I Am Muslim and proud
My neighbor is Jewish
My best friend is Christian
We drop the same salty tears

With my faithful believes
My beloved she is Catholic
We see ourselves in the paradise
Since our hearts are breakable

One black policemen said
You are from a terrorist group
While my homeland fought
And won the battle against Isis

While he forgets about his
Grandparents suffering from
Being the unknown soldiers to
The slavery in the land of freedom

I am always smiling and
Living my day as the lasted
I may be a nobody with
Bloodless thoughts to share with

No weapons, No white flags
No white doves, but perhaps
I need one widow, and one orphan
To adopt a family to understand

The life of a poet with broken wings
Mainly if it is like me living ‘tween all
The strangers with my tears bursting
My heart beats to live another day

to say I am so I am the knight from
Baghdad, not willings to get my hands
With gold coins to fight against anyone
Perhaps, this life still have beautiful eyes



The Cottage of Love…

In the cottage of love
Next to your nude flesh
My dreams are made

If you say it firstly
Then I am falling for you
With the sweetest touch

Meet me in the lake
So we dance like loons
And talk wordless in a kiss

He wanted you to give him
Chances and dark hopes
While he never appreciates a thing

Seven years and you were
Nobody but a rose in the desert
When I loved you was ’cause

I was missing arose in my life
I grabbed and planted you
Shamelessly in the darkest days

Slowly and surely and soon
I started seeing a smiling angel
I observed him and it was my reborn

Nobody was born to be perfect
And creating mistakes to learn about
Therefore, let’s not judge our failures

If you love me like the sea waves
Hide me from the tears of the boat
Let it float in the river of his stupidity

We are not together because we’re thirsty
Nor of love story that blows away with
The autumn leaves under the tears of lovers

Come with me and let me draw you alone
Let the sun shines above your nibbles again
To suck them and numbs myself below you

Open your beautiful eyes and guide me
Hold both hands tight and be on the top
Far enough to reach the moon and stars



The Sound of Rain…

Under the sound of rain
I was reading a poetry book
Nearby the sound of laughter
Women swimming in the lake

I refused to swim with them
I didn’t had a choice but to read it
Reading some related lyrics
To see the sun hid behind for a bit

And the clouds started dropping
As I’m finding myself weeping
From reading about dark ages
Where I felt lonely and miserable

The sound of rain was too loud
That for once it felt as the clouds
Was shooting me with the bullets
That looked like tears from heaven

The trees wet their own leaves and
Extend to their branches to dry all
The flowers and cut the breathe out
So I couldn’t remembered anyone

Scented that I always miss by nobody
But the rain alone recalled me of my
First time dating the woman I love
Messy hair and thirsty lips to kiss



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