Poems by Pantas Pangihutan S

Poems by Pantas Pangihutan S



I am like a sand on the beach
A living dust in the wind of time
A dim light in the darkness of night

Like migration of a flock Albatross
To find a new dream land to survive

Like a caterpillar in a cocoon
In a moment of time to change
A genetic ability to transform
By nature from early creation
Becoming a colorful butterfly

An evolution to gain a perfection
A transformation lead to eternity
An unimagine formula by Creator
Planted deeply in a cosmos

In a chains reaction of universe
A compounds of chemical reactions
Both organic or inorganic
In a right place, in a right time!

I came from dust
Then return again to dust
As a river streamed easily
Finding its final estuary
Then fusion as one in blue sea

I am a human
Living in a moment of time
In a space of perishable mundane
I born in love, and to love I go
My good deeds: is my destiny
A record in a black box of my spirit-soul

An perishable thing transformed
To be imperishable;
Being perennial, and timeless

That is my only hope
And, I had a hope in faith
In my journey to find my divine Father

As I am…
His genetic by spiritual existence!
Like a dead seed; it will sprout again
When it kissed by the water of life!

© pantas p. sitompul™
Aug 08, 2017



On 6th of August 1945
08:15 local time
As the Sun rising in the morning
Fujiyama clouded in darkness
The birds unsung in summer rain…

Sakura flowers unwanted to smile
Unwilling to bloom, in grieving
Kept falling one by one
A black bird whispered, flying low
Smelling an unimagine catashthrop

The first atomic bombs have fallen
Over the region of Hiroshima
First in human history
A mass killer, nuclear weapon
Big bang: a hell on earth happened

All of in a sudden
A big black and white mushroom
Blown up, spreading in big circle
A circle of destruction in seconds
Heart attack to all living creatures

An annihilation: inferno
Thousands death unidentified
Scattered, shattered into pieces
Screaming, and streaming of tears
Out crying heard from a distant

Still the rest failure in genetic
A tragedy, tragic: in human history
Where knowledge we learned
Becoming a mass killer in a blink
Cause the values of love disappeared…

© pantas p. sitompul™
Aug 08, 2017


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