SWEET DREAMS / Poem by Pranju Gogoi

Poem by Pranju Gogoi
Dreams of mine always fly high to touch the white as cotton clouds,
Playing hide and seek gleefully with her deep blues,
The lovely emancipation from the conjusted room of imagination,
Where wander heart and soul for ecstasy in mind’s pure unification.
Dreams blossom in heart and soul’s gorgeous garden,
From where generosity of holy spirit flows out as blessings,
Mind in great glee to feel the enchanting beauty of life again and again,
Life becomes refresh with the mild blowing of early morn air in happiness.
Sweet dreams smiles in the bosom of flowers,
That scatter the splendid display of Nature,
To see more and more lovely dreams for all to come here,
Where seeds of real humanity can be
grown forever.
Sweet dreams shared through the golden bridge made by heart and soul’s lively feelings,
Grow more and more in nature’s cordial nurture for mingling,
With all the loveliest beauty of forever bond for mesmerizing happiness,
When sacred shower of divinity fills heart and soul for charmness.
By Pranju Gogoi
All rights reserved

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