Poems by Surbhi Anand

Poems by Surbhi Anand
His thought paralyzed me
Shivering mind
Unbounded emotions
Lots of puzzle building
Taking my ground knowledge
O king hooter! devil crown
You taken away,
My sky and earth… .both
So… speak, where i stand,
Where i billow,
Oh! see
Elsed, only for your lap
Nauseate, my sorrow !!
©®surbhi anand.
I want to take something
I want to beg something,
Rivery moon
Replies everything about
High shoulder point
Whispering with my ear
Take down your earings
It’s lier
Be wear my sophisticated images
It will dangle… .
Not only with your lobes
Even with your inner or outer surface !!
©®surbhi anand.
The colour of love
Bangles sprinkle her ray
For which
For his blush
Sapphire never accepts
To other colours
His has deep thoughts
Both colour signify about love
Be plunge, be lost
If your love gently push
For die and lead
As magnet-iron !!
©®surbhi anand.

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