Good morning, Rome! – Tarana Turan Rahimli / Translated from Azerbaijani into English by Sevil Gulten

Poem by Tarana Turan Rahimli


Good morning, Rome!

Good morning, Rome!
Your sun is smiling at me
In the middle of the winter.
Let your morning
That is far from the malice of the world
Be full of light!
Land of Pompei
Where the swords
That cut the shadows of evil
Are shining from a far distance.
Let your mornings
Which are prohibited to oppression
Be full of light!
Hey, Fontana Truvi
Let your waters
That are purling
In the kingdom of wishes
In the intention of lovers
Be full of light!
Good morning, Rome!

Hey, tangerine trees,
On the way of Coliseum,
How good you grow here!
Your branches are heavy with fruits,
But nobody picks any of them
In the unjust fight
The crowns of our life
The tiny children,
Are picked up basket after basket.
Good morning, Rome!
Old, great Vatican!
Let around you always be happy life,
Let you always be flourishing
Let you never witness
To the blood that was shed in vain.
Hey, the stage of theatre of Marcellus!
Let you always be lost in silence!
Be always so-
Being far from the “games”
Played at the world stage.
Enchant my spirit
Let be inspired and write
About your immortal fame.
Good morning, Rome!
I am sowing a handful of hope
On your soil in which poppies grow
In February.
Let those hopes germinate
And have a thousand branches.
Poetry didn’t change us,
Let me dedicate a poem
To humanity.
Let me write a poem
To each green leaf of you
Maybe it might take wings
And guard over the humanity
Good morning, Rome!
Good morning, Rome!

Translated from Azerbaijani into English by Sevil Gulten

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