Dr. Diana Skrapari

Dr. Diana Skrapari

Diana Skrapari is graduated in law at Universite Paris 2 Assas-Pantheon where she received Maitrise en Droit des Affaires (MA in Business Law). She graduated at Universite Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle with a Master’s degree in International Studies, Anglophone Studies. At the University of Nantes she obtained a LLM (Master of Laws) in the International and European law of Human Rights. She studied French linguistics and she obtained a Master’s degree at Jean Monnet University in St-Etienne. She has a PhD in Diplomacy and International Relations from the University of Tirana. She speaks fluently English, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, German and Esperanto languages. He has basic knowledge in Russian, Greek, Dutch, Yiddish and Azerbaijani. She has published 9 books in France by Edilivre French Publishing House and 3 books in Germany at the Lambert Academic Publishing House.  She uses the author’s name Diana Elise Skrapari. She is a University Law Faculty Lecturer.


Lufta e Kosovës



Assim é a vida…






Quo Vadis Monde? Bribes de vie…Morceaux d’espoir…



Enfants de guerre, enfants de malheur



Asi es la vida…



La guerre du Kosovo



La Plej Granda Artisto de Vivo



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