Poems by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Poems by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha



Lord, we are grateful
2017 was super,
With loads of trouble
It was superb
With events on the marble.

2017 was tensed
High issues and fears,
It was messed
With terrors and tears,
Nigeria boiled and bored
Yet you spared us Lord.

As we sailed
The enemy failed,
As we conquered
He wondered,
While we inspired
He expired.

The enemy wandered
He got shattered,
He was scattered
And looked tattered,
As he staggered
Our God plundered.

Thank you Lord again
You made the rain,
Thank you for the sun
It turned not a gun,
Thank you sincerely
From yours; faithfully.

Hurray!! 2018 abounds
Bravo!! We made it
Yes, sinful but loved
Yes, doubtful but spared,
Thank you, kind God.

For your mercy
For your grace,
For your care
For your peace,
For your protection
For the provision
For divine shield
And unseen battles,
Those we could never imagine
All we could never have won,
Lord, we fall in appreciation.



He is risen,
I am forgiven,
He has conquered
I am purified,

He is risen
I am cleansed,
Broke the chains
Healed my pains,

He is my lord
Washed by his blood
Cleansed by the flood,
Now, we are in concord,

Hallelujah, Christ is risen
No more death
He rules the earth
Every season with reason.



He floats no political party
He is not a presidential candidate
He has no running mate,
Never graduated from any college
Has no account with the Swiss bank,
Not a drug baron
And runs no brothels.

He has no religion
Not a suicide bomber
Never a racist
Not a hollywood actor
Not a WWE superstar
Not a crazy hiphop artist
Not a world footballer.

Too shy to be seen
Too calm to be heard
Too reserved to be noticed
Poor God, no investment
No wife, no children,
Poor God; poor heart,
Depressed, sad and troubled.



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