Poems by Uzma Parveen

Poems by Uzma Parveen


Might of Words

Piercing into the hearts numb and faint
words will ignite a lamp of sentiment
the sun rays will crumble the stones of the way
my emotion will never get drowsy nor its hair gray
and the darker world will shine like the noon of may
my mute screams won’t let you astray
muses aren’t my inspiration by my pray
and my mighty pen has the courage
to change thee and to be the change
and the ocean of tears are my ink
and its waves don’t know how to wink.


Search yourself

you need to overcome the fears
which frightens you to go ahead
and to remove the doubts
which are ready to destroy about

And all those things
which let you down
you need to know your worth
that is in you from birth

you need to search you in you
either in mirth or moment blue
only you can make your world bright
only you can make the wrong right

with open heart and inquiring mind
you can look into the world blind
none can reach you sans your grant
nothing can affect you but what you want

Dear! never loose your faith in God
let your conscience be your guard
never let anyone come in between
you rule your kingdom and be the king and the queen.


The Reflection Of Moon

They know her
so they claim
but actually they do not;
the depth and breadth
of her mind and heart
they can not measure,
which is of lenity, clemency
and of grace
her silence is like a clean sky
and her every word a shining star
how can they know her?
when they bear, not mirror like heart
for no one can see the reflection of moon
in the water dirty, filthy and dark.

@Uzma Parveen


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