FALLING DROPS / Poem by Maria Miraglia

Poem by Maria Miraglia



A rainy summer morning
so unusual here
and me at the window
looking at the falling drops
beating on the roofs of
a still sleeping town
Only a few people
down in the street
With me my thoughts
I so often keep
as in a well-closed cage
to hold sway over them
But unruly
they go on their own now
freely more than the winds
I can see them go afar
as feathers filling the air
with imaginary figures
happily hovering
for their conquered freedom
And hear them cry loud
asking the emotions and feelings
to come they too to the open
Get yourselves free
they say
and fly high
with us
I stay there silently watching
while my face opens up
with a smile

By Maria Miraglia
all rights reserved


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