Poems by Aabha Vatsa

Poems by Aabha Vatsa
Of the four yugas in the world
I was born in Kakityug, hands curled
Grew up in a reverred home
Away from the city’s dubious domes.
As i grew, I realized what a mess
Wrongdoings right and left I guess
Apalled at the lack of conscience
Pray, where has goodness gone, no sense.
Brother killing brother for money
Property, a bone of contention, O honey
Our conscience has frozen to sub zero
There is a mighty absence of real heroes.
Relationships are broken and mended daily
No more warmth of relations, hardly gaiety
Everyone is running a mad race
Hiding gory tales behind masked face.
But at last a joy reaches my ears
A multi millionaire decides to donate an amount dear
An awesome way to celebrate his daughter’s birthday
Making a cashless hospital, a magnanimity if I may say.
And the Sadguru bemoans the fall of humanity
Shocked at the sale of children even before puberty
Pray what has humanity come to
He tries to raise a collective conscience too
It is people like the millionaire and Sadguru
Who reaffirm my faith in humanity anew
All will be well now I am sure
We just might save humanity by this cure.
A mother’s heart is as deep as the ocean
She serves love in hands full of portion.
An image of sacrifice she is indeed
She dreams of only positive deeds.
Her infant forms her whole world
She tells her stories, sitting curled
Her wisdom know no known bounds
Her advice is always cent per cent sound.
She builds her home with bricks of love
Her intentions noble like the Peace dove
She plans way ahead for her family
Cooking meals and serving them happily.
Her multitasking tasks are so legendary
She balances happy and sad moments skillfully
A counsellor ar heart she indeed is
Her heart flutters as she implants kiss.
Despite the arduous work at home
She handles her job even if she has to roam
Striking a fine balance of work and life
She removes every remnants of strife.
So learn to recognize her stupendous skills
Honor and love her at your sweet will
She deserves nothing less than the best
A happy family is a Mother’s eternal quest.
Laughter is the best medicine
It is a remedy purely genuine
It can lift your mood in a jiffy
And do away with feelings sticky.
Share a joke with a favorite friend
And see the melancholy magically end
Let a dose of happy hormones alive
Laughter will make your mind thrive.
Join a laughter club for sure
Each morning let laughter cure
See your health’s fortune escalate
Start today itself, don’t be late.
Sweep aside the Monday blues
Join and invite who and who
Laughter will dwell deep in your soul
It will make your life a merry whole.
Copyright Aabha Vatsa

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