Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal

Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal



Love lush not in lust
But in reverence as spring
Slowly and steadily moving ahead
In pearly glittering flow of waters!

Lovely a girl she shine
In manners unique affable,
As amiable thoughts gracious
Emerging from her sparkling eyes!

Languid in gestures, yet
Never be lackadaisical ever;
But, in attempts to fathom depth
Countering countenance of the other!

Words cascading down
In melodious tone tunes all
Wholehearted truth be laid before
Audience she’s perceiving in wonder!

Time bound talks take
Heart touching turn while
Motherly anguish abounding as
Her mind rush for soulful journey in Him!

( All rights reserved by
Alby Raymond Parackal)



Boon boom in beloved mine,
Blew Blessings in rosy cheeks;
Blithe spirits blissful appear as
Blessed blend of blaze in face!

Bruised mind felt it as buffet in
Brutishness when cancer brunt;
Brooklet in gorgeous body lovely,
Brusque emergence unpalatable!

Benign woman in all attachments,
Benumbed herself in clutches due
Benevolent actions hitherto saved;
Bolted out beseech to beset soul!

Bemusing times bemoan beneath
But, valiant mind becomes befit as
Beautiful depictions of resilience;
Bent upon words hearty to fight it!

Belligerent belle fought it out and
Be beloved woman of choice human;
Being one of beneficence always
Beat to becalm all in soulful love!

(All rights reserved by
Alby Raymond Parackal)



Light lit in breath
My Lord in Mercy,
Upon Your Will alone;
On love lovely Almighty!

Shower in draught,
With thirst increasing;
In prayers for grace all,
You might like to bestow ever!

Hope and believe,
Beauty in blessings,
For one more lineage soulful;
Did make me appreciate myself!

Your understanding on
Grandiose grandeur vibrant,
All vital vibratious acts in men;
Vivacious perceived in You, Mighty!

Great and grant granted,
Unending hearts thirst for
Entertainment, in Will of Him;
Who’s unknown but soulful Almighty!

( All rights reserved by
Alby Raymond Parackal)


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