Clouds of Hope / Poem by Soumitra Talukder

Poem by Soumitra Talukder


Clouds of Hope

Hold my hand to take me away,

From the deception of my agony.

I had drifted in the lure of an illusion,

to search of the verity of my truth.

And in the blithe of my intuit,

I got lost in the maze of my destiny.

Take me to your world of myth

To fly with the wings of my faith

And in the clouds of hope

There remains always a reason to smile.

When I take vow in sacrament of heart.

I have no fear to bare my soul,

While I whisper you a name in my love!

In the crimson twilight of the day, as it glow,

The dainty in zest, It was the face of angel

© Soumitra Talukder
January 26th 2018, All Copyright reserved

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