Poems by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Poems by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha



I am mother nature
You widen my exposure,
Listen now dear earth
Listen, hear my breath,
I have been punctured
And even captured.
I am fake pregnancy
Courtesy of chemicals,
Protruding tommy-balloon
Total womb-vacancy
Wild human radicals
Finally breeding baboon.
I am the breast
I cannot suckle again,
My milk is sour
I am no longer for feast,
Because I am in pain
So they turn to flour.
That is not the least
I am the sacred breast,
For breakthrough
They puncture my walls
Cut me through
And plant their balls.
I am the foetus
They flush me with drugs
For them to focus
And maintain their hugs
With a deceitful kiss
Yet they dare not hiss.
I am the buttocks
They Pierce me from top
Insert heavy blocks
There, they never stop
They put me a wedge
And build round a hedge.
I am the eye
Normally, I am black
Now, me they dye
Send me to the back,
As though I am useless
Yet, it is not their success.
I am the skin
Natural, I am beautiful
But they wash me thin
So sometimes I look fearful,
Black, white, green, blue
I even gum like glue.
I am the ozone layer
They pump gas into me
Wail for climate change
Chant it is strange,
Turn a soothsayer
And say I sting like bee.
I am the land
They bind my hand,
Mine coal and drill oil;
So they foil, soil and boil
Because they torment me
And I cannot flee.
I am the ocean
My own musician,
I make each piece
And it gives me peace,
Wave, storm, tempest
I revenge against my rest.
I am the wild animal
They claim to tame
Even when they are canal
Just for their fame,
When nature gets me angry
I devour because I am hungry.




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