Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur



Bards of lyrics on powerful words play
Dispel darkness with wisdom display
Divine light gleams in every distress
Singing like birds throughout the day.

The glowing sparks of celestial flame
Lights in all gloom with words of fame
Indomitable courage and strength tame
Exquisite artististry is a loyal dame.

Bridges are built over mighty oceans
They find ways to forward the motion
Beyond any reason with a love potion
Make roads in desert with devotion.

Beyond borders travel on time machine
Weave timeless tales of magical dreams
Universal values have classic appeal
Poets of vision have invincible zeal.



Happiness lies in loving well and working well,
Noone is born happy,everyone creates his own joys,
Suffering is just about the easiest of activities,
But being happy is the hardest of toils.

Look for the silver lining in painful battles,
Suffer the ordeal to become wiser in losses,
Be a survivor,have a dream and the will to succeed,
Unlock the latent power of mysterious reservoirs.
Feel a tremendous surge of confidence,creative well being,
Keep the untapped sources of positive energy living,
Give into goodness now and then,righting a wrong,
Forgive your enemy,lend your hand for helping.

Expose enthusiasm for self renewal daily,
Keep dynamic productive circuit open permanently,
Nothing great can happen without caring,
Step out of your shadow,stop judging harshly.

Be gentle to yourself and let self esteem rise,
Best way to serve the divine is to be simply happy,
Filter the irrelevant,surround yourself with fun,
Begin your day at sunrise with golden hours of the sun.

Laugh at yourself,droll little things,quirks of character failings,
Master the beguiling art of humour to look momentarily foolish,
Unthinkable catastrophe become thinkable with laughter,
Not one of us can bring back yesterday or shape future.

Only today is ours and before its gone let’s make it fulfilling,
Start painting your life with colours amazing,
A happy man is a giver,a hero in needs,
A lotus of muddy waters manifested in deeds.
Embrace freedom in a thousand bonds of delight,
Remedy is within you,happiness is in your sight.



Like the garden of Eden let’s go forever green
God’s primal creation of beauty so serene
Like the spring spruce up the nature as queen
Let us preserve to keep our earth always clean.

The rainforest conserves the fauna wild
Man has to just let them retain their pure aura
Pristine values of life,lets live and let others live be the
Let evergreen trees provide ample flora.

The woods around towns are dark and deep,
Such comfort they bring for birds to sleep
Felling the trees is dangerously on increase,
Environment is at stake let them grow not weep.

Deforestation is in vogue and concrete jungle in fashion,
Let’s stand for afforestation and plant trees in score,
Green vegetation is a treasure for healthy upbringing,
Clean air,oxygen increase for eminent growth.

Green lawn with trees is an elusive ecstasy,
Fragrant flowers are enthralling fantasy,
Flushing out toxic smell of plastic,synthetic pollution,
A relief and succour from chemical degradation.

Green parks are the oasis of metropolitan cities,
Old and young bond,meet for walking or jogging,
Mothers with infants find a heavenly retreat,
Away from humdrum breathe peace in natural surroundings.

 Jyotirmaya Thakur©®



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