Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



My love my life taste nectar
of nature sitting in the middle
of shining flowers in the spring
My heart jumps with joys when
I feel giggle of my love

She keeps her head into my lap
Her shinning and soft hair full fragrance of mogra tulip and lily
in her gazra make me strong

I’m for her she is for mine
Her coral lips deep eyes
Heart touching love words
I listen the music of the blowing
wind with melodious sound

I see flowers are talking to me
I am at the edge of leaping and bound
Feeling happing since my love found.



Why are you growled at me
I am ready do you want to
hug me

please hug me I don’t have
any fear I’m determined
I accept your challenge

Death tells me I don’t tell
anybody to have fear but
people feel me in their
hearts get tired so they
invite me

they know I am truth
everything is false
they get puzzle about
my arrival don’t you think

I asked her once again
death replied fear is my
name I move to and fro

I’ve fear to whom who are
brave I hug them but they
are alive after their death
in the hearts of people
and in their acts and in
their golden words



Let them free from stress
Let them be honest and dedicated
Let them be the strongest for nation
Let them be patriotic for creation

Let us prepare them for the service of mankind
Don’t go them blind for their self-assertive
Let them awaken for their goal for love and care
Let us make them courageous and full of dare

My nation will shine bright forever
Strong pillars are standing full of determination
Let them make this eden with bright dreams and their creations



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