Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by  Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy 


Even to give Alms, Scrutinize Receiver Well Before!

Inspiring model finally earns only jealousy men
In competition with him to excel and destroy him;
Until then, he has red carpet welcome everywhere
For getting ideas to develop and come up in life!

There is a saying that even if you give alms, well
scrutinize the receiver before benefiting one sure!
Not only that, even God fails, if He gives boon to a
Wrong one, because the receiver will first test on Him!

This respect, flattery, prayer and all are only outward
Show to make the benefactor believe him to be genuine;
Once after receiving the benefit, faithless one sans
Any gratitude only tries to desecrate the godly one!

Angels and demons in human forms are everywhere in
the world that one has to ascertain before benefiting
One, even if one happens to be a beggar in the human
Society needing cleansing to avoid benefiting sinner!


The Curse of Models in the World!

With attractive appearance, good nature and gentle smile,
He is inspiration and model for many from childhood to
Manhood in the joint family with many new couples growing!

Each couple has wished to have a child like him for long;
Each new born child is even give a name similar to his…;
Many companions have come up there to deal all with him!

Whatever thing he does, is impressive and all like that;
Each one is also advised to do as he does to be better;
In education he has shined well and inducted into business!

His talks are full of wisdom whoever he has met around there;
All have believed that he would become a leader to lead all
To progress as his talks are full of developmental ideas ever!

Following his deeds, others have come up in life too everywhere;
But jealousy in them all has gone to the extent of excelling him!


Rule of Good System by Benevolent Leader is the Best!

Fascism, Nazism, Communism and Socialism by dictatorship rule
Have failed in many nations of the world due to falsity in all;
Capitalism based on democracy and individualism is surviving
But not satisfying the needs of all due to lack of humanism!

Perhaps socialistic democracy with knowledge, individual liberty,
Equality, justice, rights and humanism can help humanity better;
But, democracy with liberty, equality, fraternity and justice
Only can provide better benefits all are in need of forever sure!

The leader ruling the nation should be humanistic, benevolent,
Selfless and ever for development of all economically, socially,
politically and culturally in a civilized fashion following
Modernism not at the cost of naturalism and humanism by all means!

Leaders of such a kind by united efforts only can achieve all for
All uniting all men and women by human sense, service and love!


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