Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu



… ardor of your dreams, untold stories
tremendous nights of youth
breathes our corner of love
many summer partitions
waiting nearby the bistro window
drawing, writing letters
frauds in the opening scene
sweeping watering eyes
waking up again like the phoenix
even warmer love offering .
My Lady
Numerous orgies in the early morning hours
pretending never have heard, closing eyes and ears
in front of my youth games,
feeling a flock of amorality
towards the lust of passion.
Madam, with grace, patience, tears
in love you stayed generous
enduring hits after hits
by me, the hyena man.
Today, at the age
thou make me company, loving even more flaming
aware being
horseshoe knocking is on my conscience
repented, watching sullen, disgraced
humiliated moral follows me, dishonored I am.
hope waterfalls covers the past,
my Angle I really do apologize…



Summer heat released fresh air
flowed first shadows of the rain
warmth came into my chest
do not know
feelings are, or the invited love?

As the spider landed in my nest
shoot the volcano of goodness
rays of beautiful life
granted me without asking my past.

You traveled through my blood vessels
purifying the paths of sin
repelled my malice ego
planting the sincere nature.

Sobered I asked repentance
promising loyalty
I hugged your beauty
modesty, the simplicity I enslaved.

Deriding my arrogance
directing me towards calm waters
I learned from your patience
I am the slave of sincerity
a bondman who does not jealous
tool that will enter into the fire
water that will flood the evil
insatiably will travel
to the end of the road-life
do promise
with love, loyalty I will feed you …


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