Poems by Elvira Kujovic

Poems by Elvira Kujovic
You are My Poetry
Dear Love I am with you.
I become your shadow
and your sun.
I become your feeling
and your blood.
I become your passion
and you my poetry.
You become my voice,
my imagination
and my woman’s dream,
my whish
to be a pen between your fingers,
day and night,
to be strawberry in your mouth,
honey on your lips,
your unfulfilled dream,
your touch, your eternity life.
I become just yours, just yours, just yours
my love…my love…my love!
The Shadow
Daytime when everyone wakes up
And shy expect
A nice surprise of life
I appear before you in white shadow
Born of the dark of your iris
I appear like the loving woman
Which follows you on the step.
My white shadow surrounds you quietly
Kisses you on your neck
Lets you tremble
Lets you wake up
Then it disappears
quickly again in your eye back
That nobody but you is able to see it
My love.

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