Quotes from my book “Creativity through Spiritual Thinking” / Munir Mezyed

Quotes from my book “Creativity through Spiritual Thinking”

“Creativity through Spiritual Thinking” is my Message to the Assembly of Jinn and Humans in order that they may find peace and tranquility, and abandon violence, corruption, superstition, polytheism, and bigotry.

Munir Mezyed

• We must acknowledge the fact that Freedom of Thought is a Gateway to infinite knowledge, and spiritual power that provides guides on how to connect with God.

•Standing up for Faith and Freedom is the best way to ensure that your outlook on life is realistic and in sync with your innate nature.

•O assembly of Arabs! You should know that I only want you to worship God Alone, to liberate yourselves and to be free from the filth of ignorance. Indeed that is the ultimate success and the supreme one.

•I do not want you to be of the Sisian beings, Satan caused them to forget to praise God and declare His Glory. Thus they kept going astray, slipping into the swamp of slavery. It is for this reason that the curse of God, the angels and humans abides on them.

•O assembly of Arabs! You should know also that those who follow the whims of the Arab leaders, who enslave the people, are the Children of the Devil and the Most Evil Beings. Indeed they are the ones who are destined to the place of the irrevocably lost.

•O assembly of Arabs! You will not attain salvation unless everyone of you participates in a sweeping popular revolution that will uproot the roots of tyranny. You should know that the one who believes in freedom will have an eternal life and angels will descend upon him.

• O assembly of jinn and humans! Truly, truly, I say to you, I am the argument of God, who sent to liberate God so that you may know freedom is a song glorifying God in man and I am the one who sings it.

•O assembly of jinn and humans! Truly, truly, I say to you, I am the one who will restore the purity of faith and its unity. It is incumbent upon me to set out to purify faith by reviving the spirit of freedom and peace.

• There is freedom in my words that will not let you devalue yourself or lose contact with your supreme being.

• The true creative writer is the one who does not let his thirst for knowledge be strangled by his own conventional truths and inherited beliefs.

• Being a free spirit means that you are always ready to immerse yourself into a deeper spiritual awareness.

• Being a fanatic means that you deify your own beliefs.

• The highest form of ignorance is when you live by your own belief in the power of Irrationality.

• Only the innate belief in God can let you attain Perfect Freedom.

• Acting piously towards God means that you live completely by your faith in the power of love and goodness.

• Radicalization is the congenital inclination to do evil.

• If my words do not motivate you to fight against slavery and evil, nothing will.

• Acknowledging the existence, unity and oneness of God will lead you to attain the virtue of divine faith, the authority of moral judgments and the ability to understand and recognize truth from falsehood.

• I am not more than a breath of God in the form of a man.

• Never let your sorrow or daily life problems make you forget to express your gratitude to God for all His blessings.

Note: Sisian beings are the ones who praise dictatorship, inclining to slavery.


Munir Mezyed


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