brand me love / Poem by Nutan Sarawagi

Poem by Nutan Sarawagi


brand me love 

Life I live in you each day
in it to see another day
where roses 🌹 will bloom with you 
where everyday will herald
a new ☀️ day in you
When love will be hurled
in sandstorms to furl
Where rain 🌧 will pour in dew
Where we will learn to live in a love
Filled in it to be
it’s you

Where no one will be different
to be ridiculed in you
where everyone will be simple
where no one will be critical of you

where no deceit will live
where heaven will spill
in tears 💦 of love a laughter to still
The cries of children
in their laughter to fill
the dried leaves 🍁 in drains that run
Floating in streams to play in fun
where boats will steam in love
in children’s smiles to soak their love
where life will never be hurried
where everyone will have time to love hiding no masks 🎭 seeping in love
Where bitterness will never spread its hate to love 💗
where heavens will never seal
Open to love
Where hell will run to love
dissolving all hate basking in a love
Where no one will cry where everyone will be everyone’s ‘my ‘
Where ‘I ‘ will rejoice and dance
in its love
Raging in love
Unseeking its love
Till it reigns supreme
In a love held high to love
Unpardoned never asking for love
for love is its own brand
A brand called love
No brand to brand
in its own love

A brand called love
Copyright @ Nutan Sarawagi 2018


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