Poems by Pantas Pangihutan S

Poems by Pantas Pangihutan S



I was born and cried
Laughing in sorrow
Knitting some series of hollow dreams
Sweet promises of a mortal world
Pursuing uncertain shadows…

I need a fistful of love
A glimmer of hope
A smile of sincerity …
Hands ready to fondling
Peace in waiting… !?

Time is always turning on…
It flashed across every walk of life

In seeking the truth and justice
Longing for true loyalty
Only in love, I’m alive
Just a true love I brought away …

I’m just a dust
Who hopes to be a pearl
The oppressed by the rigors of the times !

There were many paths
There were many intersections
The narrow path I choosed
Walking with love and truth …

Until my breath weakens
And then disappear
Until I fell asleep in peace
Someday I’ll wake up
And look at eternity

A true beauty …
Where tears and sorrows dispelled …!



I’m a wanderer
with embers
felt tight in my chest
tracing the valley of the world
where. and where to go…?



Two human beings combined
Binding a faithful promise
Walked side by side
Two souls in a hope
In togetherness carving a love story…



behind the gray clouds
there is a sun that will always shine
dark clouds will melt with rain
which will moisten the dried grass
replenish the dry wells

time keeps running…
dark and bright take on the role
continueing to play with life
laughter and tears decorate life
it needs patience and keep going …

so many valuable lessons
which were written along the way
as a silent witness of life
open your heart and open your eyes
rainbow comes after rain!

do not force yourself, but be aware
sing a song of praise!
everything has its limit
everything is looking for the ultimate goal
there were many paths, but not all lead to life!

© pantas p. sitompul™


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