Quench My Thirst / Poem by Vandita Dharni

Poem by Vandita Dharni


Quench My Thirst

I stand vitiated by the
viciousness of the arid world,
bludgeoning its wrath 
its deep seated hatred_
awakening a desert of deceit
fanning the fumes of fallacy,
trickling salty tears
down the rancorous rocks of rage.

The passion of the raging rivers
are sublimated by these
abhorrent anarchists of Nature
as they drown their sins
in its all forgiving arms.
Industrial waste creeping through
with a toxicity that enshrouds
the wailing waters.

Do we feel vexed by this
appalling sight?
Does it impact us, urging us
to denounce this injustice?
Will the murky waters ever
cull out its plight?
Or remain voiceless,
suffocated and choked?

Water, water everywhere
yet not a drop pure enough to drink.
The concrete jungle of constructed walls
has wreaked havoc for the plant kingdom.
Its outcome? No Rain.
Where does the water come from?
The wastage of it spells doom
on this callous generation.

The fount of life_ the epitome of bliss
is a powerful element
conceived by our divine Creator.
Let us preserve this scarce resource
that once held sway over its counterparts.
Each velvety drop rests in the mother’s lap
as the quintessential soul
seeks its Creator,
the source of our existence.

Copyright@ Vandita Dharni. All Rights Reserved 2018.


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