Enertin Dheskali

Enertin Dheskali
Enertin Dhiskali was born on March 31, 1976 in the city of Fier, Albania. First, he got graduated at the “Perikli Ikonomi” gymnasium in 1994, and then in 2001, he performed the learnings at Tirana University, major Language and Literature, with very high scores (averaging over 9.5). Also in 2006, he performed the two years -post university degree program for Foreign Literature and Aesthetics. Graduated the PhD School in the Albanian Literature and Aesthetics profile, and another Master Degree at “UFO” University, “Administrative Science”. After, he performed all the learnings and getting graduated, he has been worked as an external lecturer at the University of Vlora, teaching Foreign Literature, Standard English and Aesthetics courses. He also handed over the field of journalism, where he worked as editor-in-chief and director of local television “Apollon”. He is a good acquaintance of several foreign languages, certified with a maximum grade at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Tirana University. So far he has published three poetic works, titled “Gjurmë zemre nëpër kohë”(Heartbeats Through Time),” Përtej ëndrrave dhe përjetësisë”,(Beyond Dreams and Eternity,)” and ““Gjak në kozmos”.(Blood in the Cosmos.).
The History must be written down, everyday…
The History must be written down, everyday…
Following in the footprints up in the universe,
Now and then, remaing blood on the “leaves” of the time….
Now and then, dead-dreams in the tree of life.
The History must be written down, everyday…
Following in the footprints up in the universe,
Singing the praises of the heroes,
The betrayers are shrivelling…, and..
The ash of the Bones’s turned on the dribbling…
The History must be written down, everyday…
Following in the footprints up in the universe,
Hearing the cries of the centuries from far,
Staying in the deadcalm of the sneaky waiting…
The silent autumn
The silent autumn, the rowdy autumn,
It’s coming slowly with sweet smile,
Striping the rinds of the wooden “army trees”,
Frightening the migratory birds, flying off…
Silent autumn with fragile shoulders,
Rustling and strewning with gold leaves,
Shedding heart- tears on the glass windows,
Arousing the lovers from the morning sleepy….
The rowdy autumn, filled with flash of lightnings,
The grief farewell, the tenderness that sleeps in the memoirs,
Subduing the feelings to the power forgiveness,
From the deep of a rainy season, towards the journey of life…
The dawning love …..
A new beautiful day is coming….,
A sun-beam warming me up,
As a fearful lover, breathing deeply,
I still keep saying: I Love you..!
Wanting to feel the magical secrets,
Eyes crossing our sight…..,
Not fearing the dizzling light, and…
Eagerly waiting to caress your beautiful eyes…!
Feeling the passion of hotness love,
Through the lightnings of the day and night,
Flaming passion sparkling all over your body,
Bringing light to your heart….
And with the butterflies of kisses my dear,
Breathing out of my lungs ,
Sinning and murmurizing just a word;
I love you Forever and Always..!
Traslation by Raimonda Moisiu

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