Rape / Poems by Emmanuel Joseph

Poems by Emmanuel Joseph
I saw
Drunken hooligans
In drunken stupor;
Tearing apart her pride
Abusing her dignity
Her womanhood
And left a grieving burden
In the depth of her soul
I saw
In the silent glade
In their lust for libido;
Flooding tears roamed
Happiness lost
Dignity wailed
Pride yelped
For enslaving her childhood
In sexual slavery
I saw
Four polluted minds
In their drunken stupor
Looting her nudity
Entombing her innocence with sex
In the glade of piling stones
I saw her crying
Despaired she was
With no future to hold
With future of dying embers
On coral reefs her body nudity lay
Echoing for her future been drenched.

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