I was your sunshine girl… / Poem by Oltjona Selamaj

Poem by  Oltjona Selamaj


I was your sunshine girl…

Do you remember my love
My sunny hairs you loved?!…
My shinny face u liked?!
My sweetheart u’keeped tight?!
The words, you said to me?!
Thouse birds, singing that tree?!
The sunshine girl i was?!
That lovely coloured rose?!..
The promise u made us?!
Our love will never pass…
Do you remember please?!..
Your love will always miss…
I loved you more that you know…
And i am doing so…
I promised you my heart
Will never live without (you)
I die only for you
And i will always do…
I promise, never lie…
And i won’ t say :Goodbye…!

Author: Oltjona Selamaj.

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