Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat

Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat


Might Be Tonight

Maybe someday,
I will confess to you about my feelings
Might be tonight,
I will tell you everything I never told you

Aroused for you
Singing to you words of my affections
Distant from you
Weeping to a love left unsaid to you alone

I will commit my body to you
Only for your sunshine and moonlight
My weakness walks away
When I see the stars falling on your dress

Charming and attractive
Like the taste of champagne in the mind of a lover
Beautiful and magnificent
At the time, I hear my name from your sensual moaning.


Inside The Heart of Woman

Sweet dreams can be nothings better than nightmares
Playing with fire could burn a flesh and release the soul

The river is virgin to be the realistic feelings of someone
And the sunset is the witness with a lot painful emotions

Laying my hands on the devil’s gate and walking around
Wondering how love among the ruins of the all the times

So many promises were written on the morning skeleton
Dark moon weeps the sunlight, and heart burst into tears

Inside the heart of woman, there is one angel calling out
Bring me back the man I love, when I have killed this man.


A Lost Spirit Between Poet Ink and Painter Shadow

Hold tight, I may die at any minute
Don’t let me go of what we planned for this minute

Let your soul rest on my shoulder
Even though darkness is blinding the colours of romance

Those antiques objects wish to say
A word that arose the forgotten memories ‘fore the dust settles

Sometimes a lost spirit between poet
Ink and painter shadow end in tears from the clouds of paradise

Have you heard the stars when they
Whisper like your prayers for my birthday after my blood dies

Have you seen the trees in the north
Some are heathy and others are broken like my friendly disease

Be friends with the shadows and avoid
The faces of dirty looks and desires of benefit that damages you

My enemy cried for me with no weapon
And my friends stood up with tooth of a disloyal wolves smiling

All we had is nothing more than medicines
We don’t want to grow older; nor we don’t want to keep up laying

Being young can be the meaning of suffers
With fantasies about seeing the thunder in a skeleton body and

Lightning in a flesh body with wounds and
Cuts from the curse of the rain pouring eyes and not scented candles.


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