premeditated denial / Poem by Olfa Philo

Poem by Olfa Philo


premeditated denial

dye your hair everyday
blond, red, black or even grey
but useless !
man’s libido is plural…

be the chameleon he wants you to be;
once wise, once naughty,
once sexy, once shy
but useless !
same smell everyday
makes his virility die…

smile, laugh, shout or scream
argue, threaten or blame
punish, punch or praise
go to extremes!
but useless !
being alone in his life
entombs his phallic dreams…

your lips? pump and plump!
breasts? lift, reduce or enlarge!
buttocks? enhance or implant silicon
resort to a facelift
liposuction or botox
consume all the shit
the market offers you
to sell you fake dreams
mistaken for true
but useless!
man’s libido is plural…

put and parade your sexy underwear
be the porn star
who makes him stare
but useless!
once in the cage,
he’ll no longer care…

be trendy, “connected” and “in” !
buy the latest perfume to win
his heart, his mind, his skin
but useless!
loyalty for him is a sin…

metamorphose each day to be up- to-date
be 15 at the age of 50
confuse time, age and values
never stable, always shifty
but useless!
his attention? always drifty…

control his phone, his calls, his moves
bombard him with questions
if he changes his familiar groove
but useless!
his innate drives,
you can never improve…

change your eyes, your eyelids,
your eyebrows, your nose
your teeth, your cheekbones!
but useless!
most of them are clones…

keep fit ! go to the gym !
go on a diet if fat
gain some weight if slim
but useless!
you’ll never satisfy his ever-changing whim…

do all ridiculous things
spend all your money
to look like Miss Universe !
but useless!
he’ll worship you for some months
then later you’ll find him seduced
by an assistant or a nurse …

go crazy ! explode !
sell your soul to the devil
to be the unique female in his life!
compete with the moon
to look perfect in his eye!
but useless!
you’re forcing ourself
to believe in a big lie…

Olfa Philo

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