I Accept Your Love / Poem by Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Poem by Vatsala Radhakeesoon


I Accept Your Love

The social shackles of love
hovered over my life
For more than 20 years
in  my self-built castle
awaiting the Real One,
reigned only pain and rain
My heartbeats survived
but I only existed

O what a miracle!
After so many years
under the moon
on a flying horse
carrying your heart of light
you have appeared

My soul recognizes you –
Existing both in the real and surreal,
in all planes,
our eyes reflect
the depth of undying connection

Let me rest my head
on your manly chest
Let us dream
in a perfect embrace –
our complete circle of love

This moment , I know
is not equal to
a second
a minute
a day
an hour
a month
a year

This moment is
arising from
the endless sky
the thread of immortality

Please lead me,
my sweet lover
to true love
to the divine light!

Listen ! Listen
to the angels singing
Oh look!
They’re showering blessings

Oh my constant star!
Oh my Real One!
Softly, I accept your love.

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