Poems by Susanta Haldar

Poems by Susanta Haldar


Garden Plight

Dizzy at the garden,
ruthless flowers struck
or insects stung me,
as I was not accustomed to them
or to the atmosphere of bliss,
to which I wasn’t welcomed well,
that prevailed there..

Easy at your presence,
lazy on the steps,
on tiptoes
I followed you to the gloomy shade,
it shook me,
and some unknown reeds
tried to lock the shoelaces
and prevent me to progress further,
and make me stumble
at the ferny green
or to fall at the dust
to seek help from them,
though, I wasn’t a person
who they could trust..

Yet, I approached,
hoping a bliss, a solace
those were there for the taking,
but those were not for me,
at least, not meant
to be expected from you
and from the garden,
that looked at me with grim,
as if, I would spoil its precious blim
or rob it from it’s beautious core
or ruin it in its presence,
which it shouldn’t endure..

So, I had to leave, awkward
without even waving at you,
you looked poised, relieved,
knowing I wouldn’t dare to meet you
at that sensible garden spot;
secrecy of all kinds you hated
yet wanted to be rescued, if at all,
with a man who has might-
alas! had I had the courage
to rescue you from your garden bliss
and from your garden plight.



Thickness of your hair
cast a shadow on my face,
once, shook upon by the shudder
that your shoulder gave
and shed some more,
while I stood in fear
waiting for the distant thunder
and for the approaching storm,
that brewed in itself
or were gathering strong,
before it left the countryside
without sparing a twig,
or the lawn..
Amidst the cascades of your hair
I can drown now,
each of them can secure me,
can save me from what is coming,
and rescue me if I fall
even if the storm conspires with those
that are against me, or with all;
I can still withstand it
if in you I find a plain
and after it perishes
you might spare me,
or leave me again.
Now, it’s time for me to hide
under those fluffy hair,
storm might ransack them
to find me out and tear open,
and show me up to the country,
to show a coward to them
that sought a shelter at your den..
Yes, I was a coward to forsake you once
and came back for a shelter
like all cowards do,
I sighed at every breath
and like them I do fear death,
likewise, I should pray for a hiding
from its wrath,
and for a shelter from its rage,
and implore a mercy for this caitiff
who seeks a shelter at your cage.


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