Poems by Radhey Shyam Varshney 

Poems by Radhey Shyam Varshney 


(On International Day for Peace)

Addressing to terrorist their deadly act
Useless exercise in fact
‘Cause on their Satanic purblind mind
it will have no impact

Hence my poet inside appeals now
To Heads of Nations
Member or no-member of United Nations
Sensible enough having higher intellect
To change their mind set
To avoid animosity, provocation, conflict
In favour of restoration of Peace
To save innocent humans and humanity
Crying for Peace

O’ Heads of all Nations
All of you are having in mind
Suspicion, fear, apprehensions
That’s why you are maneuvering
Strategic regions
And Keeping reservations
In restoration of World Peace

O’ Heads of Nations
Why don’t you hoist
Alongside your National Flag
Which ultimately you will do
Even after end of apprehensive war
After devastation, In victory or defeat
Ultimately you will hoist Flag of Peace

O’ Heads of Nations awake
Remind yourself
Live in Peace
Let others live in Peace
All of you can’t win war
But all of you can be WINNER
In restoration of Peace

Start now at least this can be done
Without inhibitions/reservation

Try to hoist Alongside your Nation’s Flag

(C). Radhey Shyam Varshney
Reposting Sept 21.2018
All rights reserved



Our Heartfelt Gratitude to Nature
and to its Constituents
Who sustain our life
Sun, Moon,Stars for their light
and in giving all that
Which made us human beings
To lead life in delight

Our Gratitude to each one
Which constitute paraphernalia on earth
Mountains, Rivers, Ocean
Plants, trees all herbal vegetation
In giving to us all that
Required to sustain our life

Our Gratitude to those, whom we believe
*Our Gods, Goddesses, Deities
In whatever Form and Religion they are,
*Our Ancestors, our Parents
The son and daughter of whom we are,
*Our Rishis, Guru, and Teacher
in giving us the knowledge and wisdom
Equipped with which we are,
*Our fellow friends and guest
Who share our sorrow, pain and pleasure,
We as human beings are
Indebted to all of them

We are great-full to all those sage
Maharishi, Prophet, Saint
Mohammad, Jesus, Budhdhaa
Laotse, Mahaveer
Tulsi, Nanak, Kabeer….and many more

Having Revelations from Him
Spoke, scripted in Messages
For love, brotherhood, fraternity
To bond all the members of mankind in unity
To live with peace and harmony in global community

Bless all of us so that we remain indebted to all
And in our ignorance rotten
Our benevolent gratitudes are not forgotten.

(C). Radhey Shyam Varshney 
Sep 21.2018
World Gratitude Day
(All rights reserved)
* These five are the Sanaatan obligatory duties which are to be performed, as five Yajya, by every hindu because we are Indebted to them for our human life on earth.

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