ROMANCING A CHANCE / Poem by Mandour Saleh Hikel

Poem by Mandour Saleh Hikel



I was more like a wild soul
Who needs to be tamed
A girl’s tender care
A touch of love
That gathers
My heart and hers.
I kept looking and dreaming
But the dream looked so far
Till she suddenly rose shyly
Like love shining star.
I was too young to understand
that God blessed me with a gift
When you knocked my heart’s door
To be my lady .. my zest
While you …
My sweet child
Hoped I’m that matured
Who can look after you
And take your hand through
The long journey of life
For two promised loving hearts
Like mine and yours.
Then as you suddenly came
You suddenly…
Was I acting irresponsibly
Or was it just me
Being myself
A repel irrational heart
Who couldn’t keep the gift.
I Was too young to realize
What I have lost
Till you left
I appealed your heart
For a second chance
To give
But you was too wise to forgive
The years have gone by so fast
And I’ve done the best I can
To forget and forgive
I hardly managed to forgive
But never have I
Been able to forget
I just have learnt
To keep walking my journey of life
With my sorrows and
And memory strife
Till suddenly…
And happily
You found me…
Oh My God…
Could it be you for real
Could it be
That green love dream
Giving us the chance
Of a new start
Or is it


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