Timothy Wade Payton (USA)

Timothy Wade Payton (USA)

Timothy Wade Payton, born June 18th 1976, is a American writer and literary critic. Timothy is best known for his Poetry and Poetic Music, particularly his style of creative thought and elusive spoken word. He is widely recognized as a Public Figure within the culture of Poetry as a whole. A writer of 28 years, Timothy began writing at the age of 15 and would write for family and friends, as a hobby and within this time, also would work on his craft of lyrics and freestyle, up to the age of 21. February 2nd 2017, Timothy would begin going live onto Facebook to read his spoken word for the world to take notice and touch and inspire so many through his readings onto the Poetry group, Paytons Poetry Productions, which gained a great following. March 2018, Timothy created The Poetry group, Paytons Place of Poetry, where he created a Poetic platform for other Poets to showcase their works. June 26th 2018, Timothy was noticed by music label, rldmrecords, Real Life Dope Music Recordings, for his dedication and creative Talent and was signed onto the label, under the name Tizzidaze, a Poetic Music Artists. August 2018, Timothy came to know, Shiju H. Pallithazheth,of the Poetic group and forum, Motivational Strips. Paytons Place of Poetry was the first group to be affiliated with Motivational Strips and as being with the Forum, Timothy has helped and encouraged many with his selfless contribution to the world of literature and continues to thrive and enlighten the world around him.

December 2017, Timothy was recognized by, Epitacio Tongohan (doc pen pen) of the Poetry group, Pentasi B World Friendship for the 2017 World Poetry Festival. January 2018, Timothy was approached by Angie Parker to appear in his first live interview on Todd Medina’s, Soulogy One Studio on Facebook also poet Angela Gurung of Leicestershire, UK to appear on John Kavanagh program, the Dear John Sunday live show on Facebook in Warrington, England. February 2018, Timothy was awarded Ambassadorship of the USA, by Waheed Musah, representing the poetry group, HPAW- Hafrican Prince Art World of South Africa. October 2018, Motivational Strips awarded Timothy the Coveted, Ambassador de Literature award also was made Media Co Ordinator for the Poetry group as well. December 2018, Timothy was awarded the Global Literature Guardian Award, which is endorsed by the affiliated groups of Motivational Strips, World Nations Writers Union and Union Hispanomundial De Escritores (UHE). January 2019, Timothy was awarded a silver metal certificate of the Cuban Poet and Poetress Union in Las Vegas, NV of the poetry group, La Dama. January 2019, Timothy was awarded the Chanting Bard International Award of Honor in India from Gopakumar Radhakrishnan founder and managing editor at poiesisonline.com of Palghat, India. January 2019, Timothy was given authorization as a nominator of the Motivational Strips Award and Recognition Committee (MSARC). January 2019, Timothy was awarded by the founder of the Poetry group, Golondrina Soñadora, Maria Elena Vicente, the Superior of Excellence Award. January 2019, Timothy was nominated by Michael Lee Johnson of the Poetry group, Audio Video Poetry/ Song Online Out loud… Listen in, for Best Audio/ Video/ Vocal Production & Delivery


Step into this chamber… so cold, hard and imprisoning…
Can hear the echoes with each step, movement and breath…
The feeling you have in this presents and time… is truly surreal…
The aura surrounds you, staring and feeling you out…
Poking and teasing… playing with emotions like a cat with a mouse;

You move oh so cautiously… for you know this place, Yet unknowing of what may come up or type of actions…
It truly can be very vulnerable and violating sometimes if you’re not too careful…

As being a individual, Maneuvering through can be a amazing maze of a forest… Such a elusive facade of such, that’s not so imprisoning… Yet heavenly and beautiful…
You could feel at peace here… depending…

Then as you go with the feeling… The floor breaks from you…
You’re falling… nothing… darkness…

BAM!!! You make impact… Man did you feel this!!!
Pain… hurt… sadness… It’s hot as hell here when on misery Street,
You make your way through the alleys and boulevards of certainty…
Wondering which way…
Left??? right??? straight??? go back???

It’s confusing sometimes where your going or feeling???
How it takes and it makes you feel…
in all of us…

And how crazy the mind captures these images it makes you feel this way.



When in a place of Solitude, find your level in elevation,
Collect your tools and issues, to build and create relations,
To be felt like vibration, into nerves, touching calcium and marrow,
Stirring your inner soul with a spatula of feelings, for a brighter tomorrow;

We are born of constant motion, in a pool of existence,
A speck of matter that transcends into visual resilience,
Spinning like a cyclone of thoughts… ideas… dreams…
Giving a gift of choice… So how will it become and be seen???

Through this embodiment of life, look through the sight of omnism,
Judge not anyone but self, build to break, rise to relate realism,
Catch opportunity with your mental dreamcatcher, release your thoughts,
Hold onto every vital piece of information, for your self sought;

Life is a playful opera of passion and pain, happiness and strain, funneled into a soul,
Born as a sponge, absorbing within, tangible and intangibly,
Put on a playground of a stage, to play out your actions and game,
Every step and reaction is a roll of dice, what’s you’re gambling Lane???

A thought starts with a spark of inspiration,
In turn, revert into relation of Education,
Education therefore is a gift of power or a item of ridicule,
Cold and relentless in touch or a beautiful blessing that’s pure.



To Capture a sound, from a outer bound,
that’s within a stratosphere,
Taking hold, evolving notes, taking within this atmosphere,
How far or near?? Depths that shallow??
Matter that infinite??
Something that’s of substance, Waiting for Creation;

The arrangement of instruments that is at disposal & for grabs, is of your choosing, How it is created & presented, is truly a simple enigma, of ever going, nonstop wonder, embedded in all existing beings…

Round & round it goes into a evolution of sorts, with unbelievable friction & pressure, Working into a mold, that’s defiant in its stature, Displaying a image that’s felt how it’s represented;

What will it become??? What will it solve???
What will it show??? How will it be felt among???


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