Poems by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

Poems by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole



Save the world, Save the countries

O Lord hear our these ditties of tear
Brothers or Sisters or people disappear
All because of purest cruelness of others
For kidnapping&quelling an innocent souls,
O Lord save this world and these countries

O Lord save this world and these countries
All countries of facing with the pure afflictions
From an unending war, violence & inhumanity
O Lord, please shower your gorgeous grace
Grace of safety in power of love and peace.



Persuade my billion kisses in your heart
As great sign of embellishing your love
As deep part of romancing our love of art
As verisimilar symbolization like lovely dove

To you,I’m happily to send my billion kisses
As beautiful part of gleaming your name
As gorgeous cream of showing my wishes
As true power of whispering a kissable theme

Every dreaminess I’m dreaming in my night
I will speak out with my lovely billion kisses
As deeply virgin love with sweetest thoughts
As fantabulous pillar of giving the promises

Let my billion kisses hug your kissable lips
To evince a clear image that I am your lover
To beautify the movements in all our grips.
With my deepest heart I will love you forever.



O hear!! O hear!! O come my dear
Let my voice whisper into your ear
A shameful news of abusing a law
From these people who really jaw.

Purely they’ve deposited the shame
Into the nation’s mind as the theme
Theme fro them as political turmoil
Kill their title as the sons of the soil.

Reality is nobody is above the law
But here they’re bragging on the law
Forgetting that law quells every position
And they’re lessing their cards on election.

Every one must evince a honorific action
On an acme of truly legitimate condition
Not to assail the law like this party done
Let’s sing the ditties in the unvarying tone.

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