GRAVITY IN MIDST OF VOID VANQUISHED – Dr. Subhendu Kar / Riview by: Cijo Joseph Chennelil

Dr. Subhendu Kar
I am just a scribbler of words knowing nothing to vibe beauty to heaven. neither mellow breeze rocking to rejoice nor the words of divinity to engrave in soul of mortal being for time to cover by burden of sorrow and grief to walk through in bare body of semblance to trudge the path paving to destination in quest of joy.
just a matter of unstinted stay to gather crystals of no gain no loss trecking the falctum of no balance to usher in a niche of oblivion yet singing song of tide and ebb by the strings of love and hatred as symphony of mortal song.
neither the bondage of alchemy nor the dissipated mists encloses to engulf in whirls of gravity in midst of void vanquished.
wistful words of silence trigger to tangent by the cycle of incomplete perfection yet with no precision to sigh with musky winds of spring or of Autumn either to fly into castle of dream just as gesture love and empathy to array by the the sanctuary redolent to allay nonconformity of struggle racking to decry
@dr.subhendu Kar.
Your poem titled “Gravity in Midst of Void Vanquished” is a poem that becomes philosophical in its tone and tenor.The real beauty so present in heaven can’t be articulated properly by the standard of this world.The recurrent emotions passing through heaven and earth do go on unabated.The sorrows of the world are downgraded by the traction of it with the heaven.The joys and despondencies are intermittent emotions disturbing the self in slow and steady degrees.But,the positive vibe does have a field day when the mind is filled with courage and conviction.The symphony that reaches a crescendo does have diametrically opposed sound bytes pounding it from all sides in enormous force and vibrancy.The two underlying emotions such as hatred and love move shoulder to shoulder with each other.The air is cleared and a whiff of fresh air is ushered in to the entire atmosphere.The inconsistencies are constantly consistent and the contradictions are firmly well structured and even then the consistently inconsistent people are out there to set scores.The entire arena must be turned away from sympathy to empathy to create the desired impact.Kudos to you for composing such a marvellous poem.
Cijo Joseph Chennelil.
All Copyrights Reserved@
On 27th October 2019.

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