Freya and The Gold Necklace / By: Tian Yu

Freya and The Gold Necklace


By: Tian Yu

Oh well, I’ll admit that women are strange creatures, both in terms of decoration and in terms of their fickle moods. They seem to be more likely to fight than some male animals, and of course they are more likely to make enemies than their friends. A few words are not clear, or the explanation is not clear, then it must be a struggle before it can disappear. But often, sometimes, with men, even with their enemies, their tolerance, their meekness, almost surpassed the wings of love. This brings to mind god’s revelation: “but I tell you: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

What if Jody also fell in love with the giant who stole the axe? Oh, let’s have a look.

Early in the morning Mrs Gilles prepared breakfast. “Bob, your eggs and ham are well Fried today.” She was adding something called milk to the empty cups in front of her and her husband. “Oh, thank you, dear.” Mr. Bob came out of the bathroom with a newspaper in his hand. “I’m gonna be out late today, damn it, I’m gonna be with a client like Alexander iv.” This is a newly married couple who have only been married for one year. It is like a young chick that has just broken its shell. “Is that so? But some of my best friends and Mrs. Higgins are coming today, don’t you remember? ‘ “Ha, no.” He picked up his glass and took a sip. “Mrs. Higgins talked to me. She said she’d bring some girls, and by the way, Freya came to see you. Well, you can see her.” With a woman’s intuition, she thought there must be something wrong with her husband’s pause. To be honest, when she heard the name “Freya”, she couldn’t help asking. “Freya? Who is she? It’s Mrs. Higgins’s… Relatives? I don’t know her. Why did she come to see me? ‘ She felt a heat rush up and toward the tear ducts. When Bob had finished the food in front of him, he looked at his wife and smiled. “I hope you understand,” he said. Something, I… Not appropriate.” She did not catch the next words of her husband, who had opened the door and gone. At this time she only felt her husband’s mouth “inappropriate” particularly pierced ears, she wanted to cry, but also afraid to let go of the grief will be far away from the door he heard, she just want to be quiet.

At this point, we need to talk about Mrs. Gilles’ “love history” with Mr. Bob: she met him at her aunt’s Mrs. Kate’s birthday party. But she was attracted by his curly brown hair, slightly blue eyes and slightly childish talk, and found herself in love with him. Bob was attracted to the blonde who was watching him, so he asked her to dance. She said yes. So it all started with a dance. Two years later, they were married and living in an apartment.

Well, let’s go back and look at Mrs. Gilles again. She leaned back on a couch, desperately thinking about what had happened at breakfast.

“He’ll be home late. Is that an excuse?” She had good reason to think so. The number of late visits her husband had made in the past month had increased, and each time he came back he smelled something else — something she had never worn before. He always said he was playing CARDS with his friends in Mrs. Higgins’s little bar. “Playing CARDS with her? Mrs. Higgins? Hem.” With a sneer, she felt hot inside and out and had to take off a pale blue coat.

“He must be avoiding something.” the woman’s intuition convinced her that her husband was hiding something from her, and that he must be involved with the woman called Freya. “Or he wouldn’t have said ‘especially.’ come and see me. Her heat accumulated and the rain turned into tears. She felt a line of itchy face, hurriedly with the back of the hand rub, she felt wet.

“What kind of woman could Freya be?”She began to think of more important questions. “Tall nose, long curly hair, thin, coltish figure. She has a captivating eye and loves to wear dresses that show the body. With pearls and gold chains… Oh, wait.” She remembered something and went back to the bedroom, where there was a small box in the right corner of her small dresser. She opened it and inside it was a gold chain. Although not noble, but in her heart is more than anything. Bob had bought it for her on her wedding day, and she had been reluctant to wear it. Now she clutched it in her hand, walked out of the bedroom and back to the couch, continuing to imagine Freya.

The beauty of a woman for another woman is a peacock spreading its tail. She will never be cowed by some “provocation”, even if invisible. She tried the gold chain on her neck and put it on. At this point, a bitterness let her patience finally gave up the resistance, she buried her head in the crook of the arm, began to cry.

Then the hours of noon and afternoon, as she continued to “think”, flowed away and came to the evening.

Finally she made a decision: regardless of what her husband would do to her, tonight’s “party” was the key. She decided to put out her best, most beautiful clothes and decorations, she wanted to dress up as tonight’s most shining “star”, can not be that “Freya” than.

Facing herself in the mirror, she wanted to cry again, but she held back, the gold chain around her neck shining.

There was a doorbell ringing and she was ready, including a smile.

“Oh, Mrs. Gilles, you are beautiful tonight.” Mrs. Higgins praised Mrs. Gilles. And Mrs. Gilles noticed, too, that Mrs. Higgins and the three young women behind her were just visiting in their usual clothes. She smiled as she let them in and chatted with them in the living room.

Mrs. Higgins had brought a kitten, a cat with tiger spots, but of no breed. Her mind was not on the cat now, and as she talked and laughed with Mrs. Higgins, she kept a wary eye on the three women, guessing that one of them, Freya, was unique.

“Oh, Mrs. Gilles. I haven’t seen you for two months. You are really beautiful.” Mrs. Higgins was as polite as ever. “You flatter me.” She would like Mrs. Higgins to introduce her three female friends. Mrs. Higgins saw what she meant. ‘by the way, these three are Jenny… “” oh, I know. She reached out to shake hands, interrupting the introduction. “hello.” Her smile and facial lines are so natural, natural to no disguise. “Oh, hello, Mrs. Gilles.” The three young women were clearly impressed by her enthusiasm.

Thus, everything can continue in a harmonious atmosphere. In about half an hour the visit should be over.

“Thank you very much indeed, Mrs. Gilles.” A girl with grey hair offered to shake her hand. “Yes, that’s her, Freya. She’s so much more beautiful and physical than the others.” ‘she thought, smiling as she stretched out her hand.

Mrs. Higgins: “I’m sorry to bother you for so long, Mrs. Gilles.” She picked up the kitten. “So have you,sweet?” The little cat looked around. “I hope so.” She replied. In fact, she was very fond of Mrs. Higgins’s kitten, and she had been teasing it from time to time during the conversation. Sometimes, she thought, people really are not as lovely as animals.

Suddenly she remembered her husband’s words before he went out that morning, and she put her hand on the gold chain round her neck. “Wait a minute, girl.” She made up her mind and called ‘Freya’. The girl was puzzled, but Mrs. Higgins and she were already out of the house. “What can I do for you, madam?” She took her hand, opened it, quickly took the gold chain from her neck, and put it in her hand. “It is yours now.” Freya, evidently bewildered, “But why, ma ‘am? I can’t.” The girl gave the chain back to her. “Madam, this is the first time we met. How could I accept such a valuable gold chain?” She was silent for a moment, then said in a slightly husky voice, “Please, help me. The chain used to mean something different to me, but now, please help me by taking it away.” “Oh ma ‘am, this is?” The girl didn’t know what had happened. “Please, can you?” There was a pleading tone in her voice. “Oh ma ‘am, are you all right? Oh, well, I can keep it for you.” “Thank you.” A smile crossed her face, and the girl took the chain carefully and inexplicably. In this way, the gold chain completed the last shining in the little apartment.

She went feebly to the sofa and threw herself on it and cried. Then, of course, she greeted her two best friends with a smile.

Bob came back around eleven o ‘clock. This time, he didn’t smell anything, including perfume. She came out of the room to meet him, still in her old clothes. “Oh dear, you are, you, you are amazingl.” He hung up his clothes, hugged his wife and gave her a kiss. “Is everything all right tonight?” “Well, all right.” Her voice was as light and happy as possible. “That’s good.” He went to the bedroom and came out with a towel to wipe his face. “Had Mrs Higgins been here with her friends? ” “Oh yes, they were very happy , and so am I.” “Have you seen Freya? ” “Yes, she looks so, so charming.” “And cute.” He smiled and looked at her. She sat down on the couch. “What’s the matter, dear? Are you ill? ” He noticed something unusual. “No, nothing.” She braced herself. “let’s talk about Freya.” “She’s really nice, isn’t she, dear?” “Yes, I like her very much, too. And, when she went away, I gave her a little trinket of mine, an unimportant trinket, as a present of our first meeting.” “Ha ha.” He laughed. “I think maybe she wants a fish more than that.” “A fish? What do you mean?” “Yes, she’s a cat. If she doesn’t like fish, what does she like? Mouse? Ha ha.” He walked over to her. “You mentioned it to me. Just wanted something to make yourself happy. I knew Mrs. Higgins has a lovely Persian cat called Freya, so let her show it to you. If you like it, we’ll get one, too. Oh, imagine darling, I’m sitting next to you, and you’re dressed like this, holding her in your arms, and by the way, wearing that gold commemorative chain. A year from now, we’ll replace Freya with a kid.Wow,that’s wonderful.”

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