How do you enchant them, they close their eyes ??? / Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty

Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty
How do you enchant them, they close their eyes ???
You are a magician
Knowing unknowingly each and everyone
Falls for you just now and then,
Your attraction is so so much evoking,
Whether knowing or unknowing,
Sooner or later, with you every one is mingling,
The way everyone is meeting,
It seems you are really enchanting,
Once anyone meets you, there it becomes the evening,
Then followed by a long night of never ending,
What’s that beauty you have,
After seeing that,
No one yet ever came back,
What’s the mystery you conceived, truth or lies
How you enchant them, they close their eyes,
The way you touch their body, even they forget their souls cry
What happens no one knows,
No one ever return to disclose,
No one yet able to escape your invitation
May be a perception beyond sensation,
A cessation of cognition,
Leaving their loved ones, they fall for you,
Really what do you do?
How charming and loving are you?
Why no one yet came back from you?
To all of them who are you?
Once they meet,
Everything becomes quite,
No sadness, no happiness either,
No gain no pain bothers,
No loss no possession matter,
As if lives evolves to the ether,
A peaceful ocean for submerging,
Are you also mine and divine?
With a mysterious smile she whispered,
In my ear, ‘don’t you see?’
‘Everyone knows me’,
‘I have that fame’
‘Death’ is my name,
How come you don’t know,
Are you an Insane or so,
For you too I have an invitation,
Then see you too soon.

2 thoughts on “How do you enchant them, they close their eyes ??? / Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty

  1. This poem is a glistening mesmerism of death as a magician . Dear poet, you are absolutely right about the why, how and when of that magic is known only to those who are on stage. The approaching fashions of dear death is so wonderful, eminent and enchanting in your hands only. From ordinary to extraordinary ether level of death projects the spiritual tinctures many places of the poem. Your presentation of death as undeniable neutral pill in the end makes the poem very special. Huge congratulations dear Gita Mohanty. All the best for all your efforts and achievements like this.

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