Perface of Atunis Anthology – 2020 / By: Alicja Maria Kuberska (Poland)

Perface of Atunis Anthology – 2020



For the third time, an anthology published by the poetical web portal “Atunis Galaxy”, comes into your hands. This book, published in 2020, crowns the hard work done throughout 2019. You can easily see that thousands of poems, from all over the world, reach this extremely popular website. Therefore, the editors have an extremely difficult task to do – they must find the best and the most interesting poems among the good ones. This is not a simple task. The question then arises what must be done to achieve this goal? I think several factors decide this, which certainly include the power of communication, the artistry of the word, unusual metaphors and a fresh look. In this way, the selected authors created a constellation by which old and new stars are shining again in the poetical sky. The constellation of Adonis is shining brightly and beautifully again. Every year it arouses admiration in a similar way like that beautiful young man in ancient stories. The feelings in these poems resemble drops of blood  falling on the ground. Purple flowers grow out of suffering and emotions,  just like in a myth. Myrtle branches have woven wreaths for the chosen ones. I invite you to a poetic roam around this extraordinary galaxy and personal meeting with the art of the word.


Alicja Maria Kuberska (Poland)


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