Poems by Leonard Dabydeen (Canada)

Leonard Dabydeen (Canada)
Leonard Dabydeen, Guyanese-Canadian poet and member of The Society of Classical Poets (USA); Life Member of MetVerse Muse (India); member of Muse India Journal; member of Muse-Pie Press (Shot Glass Journal and Fib Review), contributor to Gandhi Way Newsletter (UK), https://english.pratilipi.com/leonard-dabydeen/, SETU bilingual literary journal (USA); OUR POETRY ARCHIVE, A monthly web journal; Galaktika Poetike “ATUNIS” blog; blog: https://ldabydeen.wordpress.com/ .
Free-lance writer and book reviewer; author of Watching You, A Collection of Tetractys Poems (2012), and Searching For You, A Collection of Tetractys and Fibonacci Poems (2015).
with me
on this bench
and watch the moonlight
watch how grey clouds drift in silence
gracing glow of moonlight in majestic ambience.
Earth awake, dancing in fluorescent shimmer of light
embraces the moonlight above
with humility
Believing (Haiku)
Believing myself
I rise and shine every day:
Sun my impetus.
Where children reach the border now unknown
Their tattered rags on drench-soaked body ply;
And they glimpse at the prickling fence with frown
Unable to bare hunger, fear to cry.
Where children’s feet are blistered, severe pain
Is blunted by refuge they take, or die
Starving in Aleppo struggle in vain;
Unable to bear hunger, fear to cry.
Where children stand in the rain without choice,
They nurture faith, hope for sun in the sky;
And seek help for food to make them rejoice,
Unable to bear hunger, fear to cry.
Children without food fetch need for a voice,
And future, no matter the sacrifice.

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