WAITING FOR APOCALYPSE / Poem by Dr. Jernail Singh Anand 

Poem by Dr. Jernail Singh Anand 



It was not easy to stand statued in a glass cabin and not give a human response.
Humans wanted me to melt and cry with them
In their desperate moments
And laugh when they were happy.
They chanted aloud invoking me
To be preset in every funeral procession.

They did not spare me in even in their wrong doings.
Dacoits prayed for booty.
And businessmen, for profit.
I even saw best of men praying for better.
They would call me to be a witness
To their wrong doings
And then, they would part with a part of it,
To make me a partner in crime.

I know, these men have overhrown me in their wisdom,
With one hand, they loot people,
With the other start giving in charity to the needy
And the destitute.
I have seen people guarding the shrines
breaking the chests at night
And taking out the offerings meant for me.
I bear a perpetual smile, and dont stop them.
If they are busy with themselves,
Doing and undoing themselves,
I am happy.

I dont go to the ‘maatlok’ in flesh and blood.
They don’t spare even my ambassadors.
When Krishana went, there was Mahabharata.
When Rama, there was a great fight
With the demons.
These people are too much for simple joys
Of being.
They are given to overreach themselves.
I see some white robed people
Venerated by humanity,
In their secret vaults,
Committing adulteries of body and mind.

When men are going astray, I am not alarmed.
But when these pseudo saints spread
Wrong messages in my name, I am.
What they are doing in politics?
Throw away my holy robes
Before you enter the pond of sin.
I will have to come to set you right.
And Noah, where is your promise?
Look at my animals birds and waters?
Your people have destroyed the air
In which they breathe.
And I see your rich men drinking human blood.

Wait for the deluge now.
No. No. I don’t get what you are saying.
Connection failure.
No ark, Noah.
Hell waits for you now, and your progeny.
You have upset my applecart.
Twisted man’s wits
And he is after deciphering natural codes.
You will never get the password
To the secrets of life and death.
Bewildered thou shall come
Confused thou return.
O cursed creature! Forgetst thou thy written word?

One thought on “WAITING FOR APOCALYPSE / Poem by Dr. Jernail Singh Anand 

  1. An excellent poem, WAITING FOR APOCALYPSE by Dr. Jernail Singh Anand that has an evocative message of our worldliness, in massaging truth, trust and a deluge of unworthy aberrations in life.
    ~ Leonard Dabydeen

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