Loaded Thoughts / Poem by Sabrina Young

Poem by Sabrina Young


Loaded Thoughts 

Got my gun
loaded and ready ,
sweaty hands
a bit unsteady.
Pull the trigger
to end it all ,
who will write
my rise and fall .
The demons hide
inside my head ,
they are the ones
that want me dead .
I drop the gun
to raise my pen ,
taking my life
is a godly sin .
The demons run
as I cry in pain ,
actions speak loud
when it rains .
My heart is a storm
that screams to be told ,
my soul whispers
secrets to unfold .
No one else
except for me ,
can open the door
to set the demons free.
I will write my truth
and not be ashamed ,
of the blood that dripped
and soaked my name .
The gun , it lays
off to the side ,
to kill the demons
one at a time .
I dedicate my life
to spread my words ,
and give my blood
to heal the hurt .
But if I shall die
before I’m done ,
it was by fate
and not by gun .

Sabrina Young ©

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