THE STAR OF A GENIUS (Nicola Tesla) / Poem by Joanna Svensson


When Nicola Tesla was born
A brand new star
With the most powerful light
Was lit in the darkness of heaven

It glowed so incredibly strong
With such heavenly intensity

Nobody knew by then
When such a star is born
Something very special happens
When such a star is born
A true genius is born

Such a genius star
Is very seldom born
But when it is
It gets its power from the universe

And this star was meant to shine
Shine on the future of mankind

His mother knew already
That this little baby boy
Was a gift from the universe
He was an envoy from heaven
A star that would light up
The well of knowledge from above

And so it came to be
The star carried the knowledge
Of the well of the Universe
And he became so prosperouș
So prosperous in every aspect
His inventions – his discoveries
Reality got a new face
Got new values
Got empowered anew

Many have said
He had the eyes of a visionary
That he could predict
The reality of the furure

His visions bought him though
Enemies a lot but friends just a few

He once said:
“I am not worried, not even sad,
For all of those
Who have stolen my inventions
I am concerned about those
Who do not have
Any of their own!”

“It is very difficult
To give unlimited energy
To a limited thinker”

But time passes – many things happens
In good or bad – in good or bad
One thing is for sure though
Tesla was and is
And will always be
The envoy of the Universe

He was so ahead of time
He still is and will always be

“Those who have laughed at me before
And not believe in my ideas
They all belong to the past
But mine is the future”

He didn’t become rich
Others did on his account
But he has enriched
New generation’s lives
And led us forth
Towards light and energy
Towards the well of knowledge

When Nicola Tesla was born
A star was lit in heaven
A star that shawn so bright

That star shall forever shine
With so true intensity
Like always – like still – like forever
What Tesla has given mankind
Has given mankind light of the future
Face of the future – vision of the future
Yes – Oh, Yes! He has given us all
The future!

Swenstorp – Sweden January 2020


©® Joanna Svensson

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